The Principal Cao BaoYi
Founded in 1953, the Second High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University is a key high school in Beijing, which has gained considerable fame in China and certain degree of influence abroad. With advanced teaching facilities and outstanding teachers, the garden-like school enjoys a high reputation throughout the country for its strict approach in pursuing studies. Now the school is constituted by three sections: the Senior High School, the Junior High School and Qinghe Branch.

With humanity and harmony at the core, the school features humanistic management. To create a culture atmosphere of humanity, Ideas have been highlighted in the process of guidance and direction, and emotions of affinity and cohesion have been fully harnessed.

Characterized by humanistic education and independent development, the school sticks to the following practice: respecting the students’ ability of self-management, advocating humanistic education, attaching high importance to environment nurture and moral practice.

We have put into practice the appreciation-type moral education, advocating humanistic and independent spirit in the process. Under the guidance the students have improved their moral characters through the course of appreciation. Furthermore, effective teaching has been fully carried out to satisfy the students’ needs of emotion, cognition and enrollment.

A series of activities have been carried out to broaden the teachers and students’ horizon and guide them to care about the current situation and prospects of human development, enhance their cross-cultural awareness and ability to make out the difference between Chinese and foreign cultures.

Since the 1990s, we have been committed to the education purpose of “Three Excellences plus One Development”. Inheriting the past we are advancing with the times and forging ahead in a pioneering spirit. A lot of exploitation and practice have been carried out in the fields of education, teaching, research and management. In the wake of the new millennium, the Second High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University is full of vigor and vitality with all the remarkable achievement.


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